Shiatsu Symposium 2015 Raising the Vibration: Amplifying Healthy Resonance from our Cells to our Society

12 ottobre 2015–17 ottobre 2015 giorno intero
Skylight Event Space
1818 West Dempster Street
Evanston, IL 60202
Stati Uniti
Full Seminar (42 hours): $695 by Sep 14th, $795 thereafter. Per 2-Day course (14 hours): $375
Zen Shiatsu Chicago

Shiatsu Symposium 2015

Raising the Vibration: Amplifying Healthy Resonance from our Cells to our Society

Hado Shiatsu: On a Quest for Meridians

October 12-13

Monday/Tuesday, 10am-5pm

Taught by Patrizia Stefanini

Treating Symptoms with Post-Masunaga Shiatsu Energywork

October 14-15

Wednesday/Thursday, 10am-5pm

Taught by Cliff Andrews

The Experiential Path in the Healing Art of Shiatsu

October 16-17

Friday/Saturday, 10am-5pm

Taught by Paul Lundberg

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October 12-17, 2015

Skylight Event Space

1818 Dempster St. Evanston, IL

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and grow with three legendary European instructors.

Each day will include a 6-hour hands-on seminar from 10am-5pm, and a 1-hour Qigong or Daoyin class from 8:30-9:30am.  The complete Symposium is six days, 42 hours possible.

All hours approved for NCCAOM PDAS and NCBTMB CE hours.  (7 hours per day, 42 hours for the full seminar)

All classes also count towards CE hours for renewal of IL licenses for acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, nursing, occupational therapy, naprapathy and social work.

An AOBTA Endorsed Educational Event

Seminar participants must be professional Asian Bodywork Therapists or Acupuncturists, or have at least 100 hours of student training in an ABT discipline (or have completed Zen Shiatsu III at Zen Shiatsu Chicago).


Full Seminar (42 hours): $695 by Sep 14th, $795 thereafter

Per 2-Day course (14 hours): $375


For out-of-town visitors, a block of rooms has been reserved at the Evanston Best Western University Plaza, at the rate of $129 per night.  Call for reservations and mention the Shiatsu Symposium.  For transit options to and from O’Hare Airport, consult this list.

Best Western University Plaza

1501 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL  60201


King Spa
In addition to the many attractions Chicago has to offer, we think you’ll be delighted to discover King Spa in nearby Niles, IL, an amazing spa with over 9 separate sauna and soaking rooms lined with therapeutic stones and gems.


What is Energetic Awareness?  How Can We Learn It, How Can It Be Taught? – Cliff Andrews

In this article, Cliff Andrews articulates the different levels of energetic sensitivity, how to cultivate them and how to teach them.  Students in his technique workshop will develop this sensitivity.  In the Education panel discussion, Cliff will discuss (among other things) methods of assessing students’ level of Qi cultivation and sensitivity within an entry-level educational program.

Culture, Ki and the Healer as an Artist – Paul Lundberg

In this article, Paul discusses the vital implications of how practitioners frame the healing experience.  He discusses the value of holding the widest possible frame of universal identity, and waiting for spontaneous, un-selfconscious healing vitality to announce itself, rather than attempting to contact the receiver in predetermined ways via specific meridians.  This “no-meridian mind” has implications for how we relate to the healing process, and how we position our role as a healer to culture at large.

Poster – Quantum Phyics Sheds Some Light on Hado Shiatsu – Patrizia Stefanini

This poster summarizes some of Patrizia’s scientific grounding of her Hado Shiatsu method.  For a more detailed reading, please read her chapter contributed to the book Energy Medicine East and West: A Natural History of Qi.


Video Interview – Michael DeAgro

Former AOBTA Director of Education, Founder of Zenki Lotus Healing Arts, student of Pauline Sasaki

“…They are blending traditional knowledge with a lot of contemporary inquiry about the shiatsu work, and really deepening our present-day understanding about what makes this work so precious and profound…”

Video Interview – Lindy Ferrigno

Colleague of Pauline Sasaki, student of Shizuto Masunaga and Akinobu Kishi

“…When I moved to Europe to study with Kishi I found that in Europe the use of natural medicine and its place in society as medicine is much stronger over there than it is here.  The difference between allopathic and natural medicine is not so strong.  So these practitioners of shiatsu who practice in Europe have been able to take their practice to a very high level both medically and energetically…”

Written Endorsement – Pam Ferguson

Former AOBTA Director of Council of Schools and Programs, pioneer in ABT advanced training

CALLING ALL SHIATSU STUDENTS AND GRADS –Don’t forget to sign up for the unique symposium at Zen Shiatsu Chicago this fall.  Steve Rogne has invited some of the leading shiatsu innovators from Europe – some of whom are teaching in the USA for the first time.  This is a rare opportunity to acquire new skills and network with colleagues.  Best to all – Pam Ferguson, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA(r) and GSD 0 CI, LMT (TX).  Visiting Instructor – Shiatsu Schule, Hamburg, European Shiatsu Institutes, Munich & Vienna and Shiatsu Zentrum Edith Storch, Berlin, among other schools.

Written Endorsement – Deb Overholt

AOBTA Director of Legislation, Former Director of Council of Schools and Programs

I’m delighted to see an emphasis on the ENERGY aspect of TCM being the focus of this Symposium.     It is what sets this work apart from other therapies and truly allows the practitioner to treat the whole person.    How exciting to see how these workshops will heighten our abilities to tap into the energies of our clients on all levels  –   Spirit, Mind and Body.

Symposium Overview – Raising the Vibration

The mission of the 2015 Shiatsu Symposium is to raise the vibration of therapists, the clients they serve, the shiatsu profession as a whole, and society at large.  The first workshop will put you directly in touch with the deepest cellular resonance of another person.  The second workshop will use cellular resonance as the foundation to understand how to work with the energy behind symptoms.  The third workshop will bring you beyond pathology into the global energy field, using the global energy field to direct spontaneous healing and bringing you to the felt experience of yourself as universal oneness.

Each instructor will present a two-day technique workshop.    A panel discussion will accompany each workshop, to explore possibilities for the evolution of the US shiatsu community and its relationship to larger society.  Participants can sign up for any 2-day segment or the whole 6-day experience.

DAY 1 & 2:  CELLULAR RESONANCE Monday-Tuesday, October 12-13

with Patrizia Stefanini, Ph.D in Biophysics and founder of the European Shiatsu Institute

Technique Workshop: Hado Shiatsu: On A Quest for Meridians
Learn to “whisper to the cells” through Patrizia’s sophisticated method of attuning to the water-crystalline phase resonance of living systems, and take your first steps in directly perceiving, feeling and directing the energy field.

Panel Discussion: Science and Shiatsu

DAY 3 & 4: CLINICAL EFFECTIVENESS Wednesday-Thursday, October 14-15
with Cliff Andrews, longtime collaborator with Pauline Sasaki and co-founder of the UK Shiatsu College

Technique Workshop: Treating Symptoms with Post-Masunaga Shiatsu Energywork
Connect your shiatsu diagnosis with the energetics behind symptoms through the principle of resonance and direct perception of the energy field.

Panel Discussion: Shiatsu Education in the Modern Era

DAY 5 & 6: KI CULTURE Friday-Saturday, October 16-17
with Paul Lundberg, 30-year collaborator with Akinobu Kishi and co-founder of the UK Shiatsu College

Technique Workshop: The Experiential Path in the Healing Art of Shiatsu 
The Symposium culminates in this experiential workshop that will put you in direct awareness of your complete energy field, the global energy field and the possibilities of spontaneous movement and healing that are beyond notions of pathology.   Through physical daoyin practice, kototama sound meditation and gyoki (“breathing by hand”), we will experience spontaneous self-healing and bring this same experience to our clients.

Panel Discussion: Professional Shiatsu Organizations and their role in culture

Course Descriptions

Hado Shiatsu: On a Quest for Meridians

patrizia_stefaniniPatrizia Stefanini – Monday/Tuesday October 12-13, 10am-5pm

Register Online

Beginning from Iokai shiatsu, we’ll see how the traditional shiatsu style has been worked out in modern times, giving back the ancient dignity to this art of touch.  We’ll explore some interesting developments of Masunaga theory and technique, including the Quantum Shiatsu of Pauline Sasaki, inspired by Quantum Physics.   Meridians are seen in their dynamic nature and perceptible on every level of human expression, while human beings become energetic fields to resonate with.

In the Japanese tradition Hado is the innate transforming power of each thing and each living being. The literal translation of its ideogram is “wave–like movement, vibration”.  Hado Shiatsu is based on “empathic connections”, meaning phase resonance, not energy exchange. A sort of “meditative state” will allow both givers and receivers to resonate with healthy environments. This kind of practitioner-client linkage allows some information to be shared without any brain interference.

Practicing Hado Shiatsu, bearing in mind we are mainly made of liquid crystals of water, our perception will change.  Through specific mindsets (connected with water crystals) we can tune and perceive life as a wonderful dynamic network, where energy and information travel and induce biological processes.  Patrizia will present her practical approach and show how it is possible to “whisper to cells”.  Through the workshop experience, an attitude of wonder towards life will return and become a natural approach to the therapeutic experience.

Treating Symptoms with Post-Masunaga Shiatsu Energywork

Cliff Andrews – Wednesday/Thursday, October 14-15, 10am-5pm

Register Online

How can we treat symptoms with Shiatsu without becoming narrowly “symptomatic”? Symptoms represent significant distortions in the Energy field – in this practical workshop we will explore the principle of resonance – how you can connect your Shiatsu diagnosis with the energetics behind symptoms.

We will be exploring post-Masunaga approaches to contacting the energetic Field. You will experience how you can use the principles of contraction and expansion to enhance your Ki awareness –  and how to use the Kyo Jitsu reaction in treatment to give space for your client’s Ki to re-harmonise. We will be exploring:

  • Foundations of post-Masunaga Shiatsu – contraction and expansion
  • Experiencing the energetics of the meridians – Meridian Scanning
  • How the functions of the meridians resonate with symptoms
  • What are symptoms? How do they relate to our client’s energy field?
  • Using energy resonances with the Hara to link your diagnosis

There will be plenty of opportunities for questions, and for you to reflect on your Shiatsu. Please bring a notebook and coloured pens to make the most of the Energy-work exercises.

The Experiential Path in the Healing Art of Shiatsu

Paul Lundberg – Friday/Saturday, October 16-17, 10am-5pm

Register Online

The Symposium culminates in this experiential workshop that will put students in direct awareness of their complete individual energy field, the global energy field, and the possibilities of spontaneous movement and healing that are beyond notions of pathology.

Paul teaches his experiential model, based on Kishi’s Seiki practice and traditional Daoyin Qigong. Explore how seemingly abstract concepts like Eight Principles, Kyo/Jitsu and Extraordinary Vessel energetics can be felt as living, dynamic presences that generate spontaneous response and movement (Katsugen).  We will enter the global field where each of our individual felt interiors are present.  We will touch, feel, and connect with a living, breathing person, Hara to Hara, as revealed through separate but related experiences in ourselves.  Through physical daoyin practice, kototama sound meditation and gyoki (“breathing by hand”), we will experience spontaneous self-healing and bring this same experience to our clients.

This workshop locates the clinical work of shiatsu in its appropriate, broad context.  We are with our clients as whole people, understanding that each step, as we go forward, marks the return path, a way back to general commonality, unified experience and original reality.

Panel Discussions

Science and Shiatsu
Tuesday October 13th, 7-9pm

Explore a new definition of the therapist role, health and sickness, in which the human being is a macro quantum system.  Patrizia Stefanini will share her experience researching shiatsu and translating traditional theories into a modern framework.  Discussion will follow on how to integrate these understandings into the US research community.  US panelists will include research specialists from inside and outside the bodywork community.

Shiatsu Education in the Modern Era
Thursday October 15th, 7-9pm

What does it take to prepare students for clinical success, and how do we keep the spirit of Shiatsu alive among the competencies?  Cliff Andrews discusses the evolution of the Shiatsu College, competencies necessary for success, and how to implement process-based assessment methods for tracking students’ internal ki cultivation.  US Panelists add: Shiatsu is a modality that can be used to effectively address a wide range of western clinical pathology.  Do our entry-level training standards in the US support the ability of therapists to confidently work with those pathologies?  US educators including Steve Rogne of Zen Shiatsu Chicago will contribute discussion about innovations in curriculum design for supporting therapists’ clinical effectiveness and ability to integrate with the larger bodywork and healthcare field.

Professional Shiatsu Organizations and their Role in Culture
Friday October 16th, 7-9pm

What is Shiatsu for? How do we foster debate and generate ideas which feel appropriate to the current generation?   Paul Lundberg explains his perspective: “I feel that the Shiatsu profession is sometimes too parochial and inward looking. We put a lot of emphasis on professional and educational regulation, also on research directed toward the acceptance of Shiatsu as clinically effective.  We should not try to reduce our work to the objectified effects of specific techniques on the body, for formal analysis in terms of energy, bio-physics, or chemistry, or even the formalities of traditional medicine. Ki is not recognizable in this way. It is an inter-subjective experience that we transmit and receive in an individual exchange conditioned by sensitivity and shared values. The challenge before us now is to communicate these perceptions and values in relation to our work and to stay simple.”  US panelists will discuss short and long-term strategies of evolving our professional societies such as AOBTA to the next level, to engage our culture in the most appropriate ways.  US Panelists: Wayne Mylin (Executive Director, AOBTA) and Michael DeAgro (past executive board member, AOBTA)

Instructor Bios


Patrizia Stefanini is the founder of the European Shiatsu Institute in Italy.  She earned her Ph.D. in Biophysics at the University of Milan.

Patrizia became involved in the shiatsu world in 1983, starting out as a student of Ohashi then afterwards Pauline Sasaki. Patrizia’s shiatsu has developed to become rich with references to the fundamental theories of modern Physics, and their relevance to Asian disciplines and philosophies.

Author of numerous articles translated into several languages, she is presently working on research projects which place some of the Quantum Physics and Biophysics theories as the basis of an original human energy model. This work is in collaboration with scientists from the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Milan, Italy.

Cliff Andrews is an international Shiatsu practitioner and teacher. He has been studying, practicing and teaching Shiatsu since 1981.  Cliff served a full time apprenticeship with Pauline Sasaki in 1986, and from 1987 to 2007 closely collaborated with Pauline in developing the Masunaga system.

In 1986 Cliff co-founded the Shiatsu College (, and in 1992 he established the Post-Graduate CPD programme, which he continues to direct. In 2010 Cliff launched the New Energy Work project at

Cliff currently lives in Norwich UK. He teaches in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Cliff has developed the techniques of Whole Body Scanning, Meridian scanning, Vibrational Level work, Temporal and Relationship scanning and has recently worked with scientists such as James Oschman in developing an understanding of Shiatsu and Energy Work.


Paul Lundberg began his studies of shiatsu in 1974, and of acupuncture in the following year. He graduated from The International College of Oriental Medicine in 1978 where he studied under Giovanni Maciocia, and did further training with Dr John Shen and Ted Kaptchuk.

Paul completed his Shiatsu training during the early 1980’s, studying with many teachers, principally Pauline Sasaki. He was closely involved in the formation of professional associations in the UK for both acupuncture and shiatsu and co-founded The Shiatsu College, UK.

Paul’s other teachers include Dr. Shen Hongxun with whom he studied Buqi (medical Qigong) and Taijiwuxigong, and Akinobu Kishi Sensei, the founder of Seiki, with whom he studied and collaborated for more than thirty years.

He is the author of The Book of Shiatsu / New Book of Shiatsu (1992/2014), a definitive introductory textbook published in fifteen languages. He currently lives most of the year in Tenerife where he spends much of his time writing.

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